Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Power of Testimony

Today we were at the Hardrock Casino in Catoosa for the Cherokee Business Fair—it was an awesome experience!

When I arrived, Deana was giving a passerby a treatment—

*Debbie had been having pain for some time in her lower back and leg due to a pinched nerve and it would just not go away, she actually said she would almost rather her leg be amputated the pain is that bad. A couple of needles were put in her arms and the pain went away instantly! She was in shock and almost to the point of tears, said she could just cry from happiness. The smile on her face was big and radiant and she said she was so relaxed she could just stand there all day.

*Tom was having knee pain, he blew his knee out as a wrestler in high school and some 40 years later it is still giving him big troubles. Once Deana began needling the pain became more and more minimal. He said he walked across the street for food earlier in the day and it aggravated his condition. By the end of his sample treatment he said his knee felt much better.

*Susan had been diagnosed with heel spurs and has been dealing with severe heel pain for years. Even with good shoes and heel inserts, her feet are still killing her at the end of the day. She said she even got a steroid injection for the pain-and that only made it worse! Deana inserted a few needles in her heel and foot (with heel pain, needling right at the sight of pain is the most effective approach from what I have seen and experienced). She got up and walked around and was stunned that she felt no pain, all she could do was keep walking around (on cloud 9, haha!).  She said it had been years since she was able to walk with no pain, or put pressure on her foot and not feel pain.


These are just a few stories from today. It was really an amazing thing to see; skeptics and people who are squeamish at the sight of needles have a 180 change of heart once they actually EXPERIENCE a treatment. We had quite a few people give it a try, and all had a positive experience and results. Some had experienced acupuncture before, but most had not. Several of the people who had never tried it before said that loved ones had gone to acupuncture with favorable results, one lady even said that her father did acupuncture for diabetes and she believed it not only prolonged his life but was the main thing that saved him from having to amputate his legs.

 The look of shock and happiness was a common sight today and people were a lot more receptive once they had the experience. That just goes to show how important word of mouth testimony and referrals are. I truly believe in acupuncture, and I wouldn’t open my mouth and try to get people in here if I didn’t, but who is your sister/brother/father/mother/son/daughter/aunt/uncle going to believe: me, a total stranger –or—you, someone they know and trust? I can definitely understand being skeptical, but what do you have to lose? If you mention our blog you get your first treatment for FREE—so that rules out losing money. We prefer if you get a treatment that you stay at least 20 minutes to get the most benefit—what’s 20 minutes? That’s less than half a lunch hour! Stop making excuses, better health and a stress free life are waiting for you just around the corner!

Until next week,


**names have been changed for privacy protection

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